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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

1. "Tricia's Tree" raises money for cancer research,122509triciastree.article
The SouthtownStar reports about a fundraiser conducted at the First Midwest Bank in Crestwood (Il) by the husband of Patricia Mason. Mrs. Mason passed away earlier this year from ACC. Folks that donated money to the American Cancer Society at the bank could place a purple ornament on the tree, with purple being Mrs. Mason's signature color. My condolences to Mr. Mason and his daughter for their loss of such a cool lady, and I congratulate them on such a great way to mark her memory for others to follow.

2. Another link that I found shouldn't have been where I found it. It is evidently a copy of a letter written to an insurance company, complete with great journal references, about benefits of using proton radiation on ACC. I think it is from the discussion list of ACCOI, based on the title of the header, but not sure how it got posted on the blog where I found it (if I had seen it on the discussion list only, I wouldn't post it here - very bad etiquette. Posting it since I found it "in the wild".): "Re: [ACCOI] references and research articles regarding dosage amounts .
If you want to get copies of the journal articles mentioned, please call/go to the nearest library listed in this directory: , and ask how about their services for consumer health information. Usually, if the journal is held in the library, you can go and make a copy for yourself, but if it has to be requested from another library, there may be a fee involved (please consider it a dry-cleaning fee, and just cover it to get access to the full-text).
Here are links and email addresses for the ACCOI website and discussion board, if you wish to join:
ACCOI website:
Post message:
List owner:

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