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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some things gone, but expecting a new arrival.

I have had many things go away in my life - not all of them good, nor bad, just gone. So I really look forward to the new arrivals. My boyfriend-turned-husband - he was a very nice surprise arrival, thanks to his taking leave and visiting his grandparents, which were also my neighbors. My kids - those were two great new arrivals. My jobs over the years - seemed like a job opening appeared about the time I was ending a grant job, opening new vistas in librarianship and technology for me to play in each time I accepted a new position. Then, of course, the whole cancer episode, followed quickly by the craniectomy - lost some things, but strength and friendship arrived in droves (um, can strength be measured in 'droves'?)
I am expecting another new arrival soon - not sure when it will be coming, but it is sure fun to anticipate. Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

You rat! I hate anticipation. I have a few guesses and will just have to wait and see. B in A

whidavi said...

YOU'RE GETTING A PUPPY!!! It's a puppy, right? :P

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