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Friday, July 13, 2012

Another news story about adenoid cancer cell mixup in research

From the public television KQED's QUEST website:
The Great Cancer Cell Mix Up

A story about the mix up experienced by California scientists working on adenoid cystic carcinoma cell lines, only to find out that they had been working with cervical cancer cells and non-human cells.
I wrote about the lost research due to mis-identified cell lines earlier on the Cheeky Librarian blog:

The NIH Catalyst has this article from 2008 on mis-identification of cell lines: 

and here is a link to a citation in PubMed:
Cell line misidentification - the beginning of the end

I am pretty sure that the scientific community can start to follow the standards set by the thoroughbred racing community, and begin creating, recording, and asking for documented facts on the source of the cell lines they are culturing and/or purchasing. Some records would be better than no records, especially if it means they will be comparing apples to apples in their future research. Since I am on the outside of the scientific world, but wear the cancer they are studying, I have a horse in this particular race, and it is one I hope that my horse won't win before their correct research helps me put the hobbles on him. I am hereby offering my cells for culture - I can prove the dam, sire, and breeding site and conditions, folks. Just contact me in the comments, and we can work up a deal that will keep the mice and cervical cancer cells out of your lab.

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