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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting your stuff together

Facing the inevitable is something all of us (even the non-cancer-wearing folks) need to keep in mind, at least in short doses. I saw this site today: Get your s**t together

Created by a woman who faced the aftermath of her husband's fatal accident. Her words:

"In 2009 my husband was killed in an accident. In the following hours, weeks, and months I was shocked by the number of things we had left disorganized or ignored. Critical documents you can spend a fraction of the time doing now. Here are those core items, streamlined."

There is even a reminder email that you can set up, just so this isn't started and then not finished.

I was glad to find it - was just thinking the other day about what steps are actually needed to do to claim life insurance, and that I needed to record information in a notebook about the house and dear husband and my preferences, should the 20-somethings that are our children would need to follow. Now that I have this tool, I just need to do it. As another Nebraskan puts it, "Git-er done!"

I will end this post with wise advice from the site's creator:

The Truth.

Do not one day find yourself having missed out on something because you were too busy being angry, too invested in being done wrong by someone, too shy to speak your mind, to say how you feel, to admit you were wrong. Don’t be afraid to live your life exactly as you would like to live it. Be brave. Be mindful. Clean up your messes. Be honest and vulnerable. It’s really not the worst thing that can happen.


Strum for Christ said...

Great post! It is important to hold life as precious and to not waste it being angry or sorry that we didn't do this or that. God Bless!

Anonymous said...

After thinking about the Joplin MO tornado & how folks came up from their basements to...nothing, my beloved and I finally made a date to scan our important papers. We filed them in a plastic storage box and placed it along with our tornado kit. We also scanned some extra copies of important docs and put those in the safety security box. It was a Saturday chore to do, but now I feel better knowing I'll have the phone numbers & paperwork should I need it. ~Rebecca

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