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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Interesting post from the Public Health Perspectives blog

The Problem with "Fighting" Cancer

Atif Kukaswadia wrote a good post on the Public Library of Science's blog, discussing the ways people use military language when talking about cancer and the people that have it. 

Not sure if I would call the term 'survivor' as purely military - I have survived natural and man-made disasters, after all, so 'surviving' what happened to me with cancer could fit. But I do agree with the the quote from Heather Cleland in the article: "The language around cancer—of “battles” fought, won, lost, and succumbed to—fails to consider the sheer chance of it all...."

The way I see it: Don't call me a fighter...I am a cancer wearer. I wear cancer like I would wear clothes that I can't take off. Approaching it as a matter-of-fact is how I work towards balance daily. 

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