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Sunday, May 05, 2013

About a funeral and family

Good advice from a potato chip box at the Hy-Vee
Just returned from visiting our hometown to attend a funeral of a close uncle. He and I talked freely about death and how we hoped to meet it and what we hoped people would do (and not do) to mark our deaths. His funeral was attended by people from all walks of life - he was that kind of man, one that everyone liked. I will miss him like crazy. He was a model of keeping family first - and I sure hope that I have followed his teaching.

While at my mom's home, I was able to visit with my brother and his wonderful family. He too keeps family first, and revels in doing things together. I am so proud of him, being the dad that his kids need (yes, even as young adults, having the advice and support of a dad is important!), and now a grandpa to a wonderful grandson. My mom is so cool - she told me that she is proud of both of us and how we have grown up. I just tell her it is all her fault, or due to her diligence, whichever way one wants to look at it (grin!). She worked so hard while we were growing up, but still found ways to spend time with us (more valuable time than what they call "quality time" now). I came back to my home and told my kids (young adults, both of them) that I was proud of them and how they have grown up - can't say it enough. My dear husband is and always has been such a great dad to them, even while deployed in the military, and then in person as a stay-at-home dad for 16 years (a braver man I have not met). He hears daily through my actions and words how wonderful he is as the leader of our family.

I am writing all of this down (in a somewhat coherent fashion, I hope) so that it will be recorded somewhere for my kids to see later. All of us will stop being around to tell others how special they are to us. Don't pass up the chance to kiss a cheek, lighten a day, cheer someone up. Like the potato chip box at Hy-Vee says, handle everyone you know and meet with tender loving care. We are all in this together, until we aren't.


Peg said...

Beautiful and an inspiration - sharing with spouse as he prepares remarks for his brother-in-laws funeral.

Thanks so much for sharing. People like your uncle represent hope for our future.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear of your uncle's passing.

Anonymous said...

Teri, so sad to hear of the loss of your uncle.

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