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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

More on letting your loved ones know your passwords after you die

I saw this post on BoingBoing: How to incorporate escrow of your keys and passwords into your estate plan -
I know I am much more concerned that my loved ones know where to find any money coming to them, and how I wish my belongings to be distributed (I will let you just start wondering about who gets what!), but allowing them entry into my digital life is also important to me. Please leave a comment if you have figured out how you are doing it - I am really interested in what process to take. And if you are an estate lawyer out there that is even slightly "techie", here is a new service you can start offering. If they can deliver a letter decades later at a specific moment in a thunderstorm (ok, it was in 'Back to the Future Part 3', but still), someone should be able to set up a process to simultaneously update and guard passwords and still hand them out at the time they are needed.

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