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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Goodbye Patrick

Patrick Swayze has died from cancer. Dammit.
I guess I am less than 6 degrees separated from him - I am a also a reluctant member of the cancer club, and I live 3 blocks away from where the hotel scene was filmed for the movie To Wong Foo... you can see it as it used to be about 3:09 minutes into this video snip . That is the place I stayed at during my very first visit to Omaha in 1992. It was torn down for a strip mall before we moved here in '99, but the movie was filmed in between.
His acting in the movie Ghost kept me going while my husband was in the Gulf War - it was the last movie we saw together before he shipped out. We knew privately between us that we figured we would meet again, no matter what, and the movie helped to reinforce that idea.
Now his example of how to tell cancer to go to hell and keep on working on new projects keeps me going in a different way.


Dee said...

Yeah, I was very sad to hear about Patrick Swayze. I loved both Dirty Dancing and Ghost! Should've known that Ghost was a favorite of yours like it is mine. Damn cancer anyway.

Daria said...

Dammit ... I agree ... I kinda wanted to see him in season 2 of the Beast.

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