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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Preparing for winter

Ok, no one specifically TOLD me that having a plate in your head gives you more headaches in the winter. Um, guys - when I was showing up in January with really bad headaches, you could have said - yes, you will be experiencing those with the low temps. Honest, I would rather have gone that direction rather than thinking that critters were growing in my head again...
In the interest of preparing for yet another plains winter, complete with frigid wind chills, I have been scouting out solutions to keep the head warm as I walk from parking to work, from the car to the store, etc. (We aren't talking about going on marathons, here, but just something to keep the day from starting out with a roaring headache.) This one seems interesting: Skull face thermal mask It would come up around the plate area near my left ear, cover the radiated area on my left neck and cheek, and keep the hair from messing up. Yeah, that's the ticket...
If I want to go with a more ordinary fashion statement, military surplus offers a choice:
GI Polypropylene Balaclavas . Or this company, Killer Hats (love the name!), offers a 6 in 1 extreme cold weather hood .
Let me know if you see other choices I should consider. I need something that will cover the head and keep out the wind for no more than 20 minute stretches of time. I will let you know if I decide to go in for extreme camping, so we can search for those Arctic survival gear head coverings!

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Jeanne said...

Dear Cheeky--Your fans want to see PHOTOS! How do you feel about asking the companies that make this gear if they will send you samples to review on your blog?

It sure would have been nice if the docs had figured out that Nebraska's extreme weather could cause killer headaches! ... I'm sure you've given them appropriate feedback.

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