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Monday, August 22, 2011

Emotional intelligence, or the art of keeping it together no matter what

I saw this on CNBC, and thought it applied to going through life with initial stages of cancer:

One Thing the Boss Appreciates More Than Being Smart

I am in no way suggesting that melt-downs or anger or frustration won't bubble to the surface during the bad times (or, as I found out, after the bad times are pretty much over and one has to resume normal life, when nothing is normal ever again). Generally, I was able to move away and be private for those moments (a few were saved for my extra-special caregivers, but they were pretty savvy and didn't give me much drama time. After all, they were going through crap too, just different levels.)

I am suggesting that one might want to follow the advice in the last line whenever possible:
"Seriously, dude, hold it together." 

Even in the darkest times (still have them, plan on more when/if cancer comes back), there are opportunities that come up that I would miss if I was 'losing it'.  While I count on those around me to put up with me, no matter what (ah yes, unconditional love-what a goal),  folks (family, caregivers, health care professionals-they are all human too)  just wouldn't find it positive to hang around very long if I was constantly losing my temper or cool or whatever you call 'it'.

Also found this Yahoo link along those lines, in case we want to start a discussion about  tv characters offering a foil or at least a model of what to do/not to do when faced with cancer:
Coping with Cancer: How 4 TV Characters Reacted When They Were Diagnosed

Feel free to comment and tell me I am all wet, or if I have some valid points. I am up for it.

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