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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

What has the Cheeky Librarian has been up to lately?

I have had 3 goals during these summer months:
1. survive the heat
2. go through and get my house in order
3. support number one daughter in her flight to Europe for an exchange program

I think I have managed to do all three, though none are officially completed yet. Tonight's temps are due to be in the low 60's (amazing!). I have disposed of about 7 large bags of items out of my house (maybe taking me off the next season of Hoarders, but still not done yet), and number one daughter still has a month to go in her overseas studies.

It has been nice to have non-cancer-related goals to aim for, and I have relished the experience. The time for me to shove my head in an MRI tube again is right around the corner, but I am not expecting any aliens to be identified in my skull (but I am not the expert on that subject, am I). At the moment, I am seeking new goals for the colder months, in addition to my efforts to keep my head warm with fashionable headgear to fight the pain.

Here's my wish that your summer has been a great one!

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