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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Taking the plunge into the future

To celebrate my return to the working life (and today went very well as a first day, thank you!), and to mark my faith that I will be continuing to work for many more years, my husband and I made a large purchase to improve our home - a new furnace/heat pump! Yep, long warranty and everything! I don't want to ever get into the pattern of living just until the next check up, or worrying what cancer will take away from me in the future - so this is as proactive as I could get. It was a good bet that the old furnace would pick some 40-below night to quit on us, so installing it in the daylight was much easier on the crew. Plus, it really cozies up the place now that we are having winter temps at night. Just because you have cancer doesn't mean you are not allowed to enjoy life anymore. Heat and running water are tops on my enjoyment items, so it may be the plumber I call next!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on getting back to work! I'm positive that you will do just fine and be back in the thick of things in no time. Way to go! Still in my thoughts and prayers!


Linda said...

Good for you! I think making long term plans is one of the hardest things about living with ACC because of the constant uncertainty. You have a good attitude about it.

I recently flew a long haul flight to Asia and back and was very worried about the water bottle issue as well. I was able to bring my "sterile" water bottle on board on all my flights except for the one from Milan. For some reason the Italians don't allow any liquids or gels, not even toiletry sized. Thank goodness they let me bring my empty water bottle I had brought along just in case, because Alitalia came through the cabin just twice with the 75 ml beverage allotment!

Best of luck to you in the future,

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your new furnace. Heat will never again feel quite as special as it does right now. When the new wears off, we all just take the darn things for granted. You reminded me of why I bought my house!

Anonymous said...

Many congratulation on you return to work, that’s my goal “return to work” I am assuming it’s a full stop and end of chapter, and new chapter can be started.
Glad your flight went well and you didn’t have the dreaded pain in the ears. Your Doctor sounds like mine “ sort the ear out latter" Have to let us know when you can hear agian?.

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