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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Visiting my family doctor

I have visited my family doctor and received permission to go back to work November 1. To say that this has been a most eventful 4 months is an understatement! But I consider myself ready to go to whatever my next level might be. I have been a boss in the past, so I know that I am essentially walking in as a new employee - duties have probably been rerouted, new ones assigned - which is why I wanted to make sure I am physically up to the stresses of proving myself in this new job before I started back. As long as my job allows me to continue helping someone (students, health professionals, faculty, administration, consumers) locate the information they need, I will be happy (grin!). My hope is now that I can still prove myself worthy of employment and promotion. I joke that the surgeon took the remaining math ability out when he removed my left parotid (isn't that where you store yours?) - I hope he left my competitive nature and spirit!
Sources of information and support for you as you consider returning to work after cancer treatment:
American Cancer Society:

National Cancer Institute - Life after cancer treatment:

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Family Doctor site:

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CancerBackUp (from the UK):

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Anonymous said...

Your boss may give you new tasks, but some of your colleagues are looking forward to resuming the old relationships! ;)

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