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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Successfully conquered air travel issues!

The trip to Boston was a great, but tiring, one! Other than the terrifying first 10 minutes on the first leg of the trip, as I waited to see if my ears would pop or just cause me great pain, it was fear-free! Ears popped just fine (even though the left one still feels/sounds like I am underwater), and I had such a low level of pain that I went off my pain meds completely (while reserving the right to use ibuprofen whenever I might need it in the future!). My other mission, being able to eat and drink while outside of my house, was also met, thanks to water bottles bought in the 'sterile' area near the boarding gate (TSA's term, not mine); yogurt, milk, and applesauce available at the food stands in the airport and the grocery store near the hotel. The hotel we stayed at had no trouble fixing me 2 over-easy eggs each morning, and I used milk bought at a grocery to mix supplement at morning and evening. The restaurant meals concentrated on visiting with friends instead of worrying about food - a nice experience! The restaurants had low-spice fish selections on their menues, which worked out great. I was able to ask servers how the food was prepared, which helped in my selections. Someday I will go back with tasting abilities and see what I really had, but for now it was an excellent trip meeting great people, and adequate protein on the side that kept my energy up.

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Anonymous said...

So glad the trip was successful. OF course, once I knew you went to Boston, there were no questions.

Just keep keepin' on (as those Southerners say--I'm not sure what people from Pilot Grove/Sedalia say).


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