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Monday, October 09, 2006

Still healing - not time for PT yet

I contacted the radiation oncology office today, and was told that it is too early for PT visit yet. I will find out more next week at my 4 week checkup. I was hoping that I could do something concrete to help the healing go faster (yes, I am the impatient type!). The treatment side effects still lessen (no blisters now, nearly all the redness gone from skin, fewer mouth sores, less pain in head). Soft diet not a complete success - throat still apt to hurt if food is too chunky.
I managed to solve one problem this weekend: me and pillows have not been on friendly terms since my operation in June. They bunch up and gather around my neck too much, or keep my head at too high an angle if I sleep on my side. We visited Linens N Things and found a U-neck pillow that is just what I needed (where was it back in July??). Here is a link to the cover for the thing (for some reason, they don't sell the pillow on their website) Even placed on top of a regular pillow, this stiff contraption helps keep my neck in a straighter alignment. Plus it is a great secret weapon if a pillow fight begins!

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