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Monday, October 02, 2006

Sneaking up on solid food

Well, soft food at least. This past weekend I have been working to get squished squash, mashed sweet potatoes, soups, and cream of wheat into the diet. The cream of wheat shows how hard I am working on things - not my favorite thing!! Some things I have tried just don't work yet, but I am open to keep trying without hurting myself. If I keep healing at this rate, I will be up to grits and refried beans by Friday (ha!)... but I will have to pass on the burritos, folks! I have found when the family wants to eat out, I can order a non-spiced custard (or yogurt, or applesauce) and a milk and enjoy the time out with them - that is a major lifestyle boost to me at this point, helping me to experience a level of normal again. Mouth sores still occuring, but sore tongue seems to be healing, hence the try at food in addition to the smoothies. Face shows more new skin, so my protein level must be stellar. I am still using the whey protein supplement - if you are interested in what types of supplements are "out there", ask at your local nutrition store, and check with your dietician about the nutrition levels of the supplement, especially if you are planning on living on it!
Taking less pain pills - not so many needed like they were just last week. The only major discomfort has been the unseasonable heat - I wear a hat or carry an umbrella to keep the sun off my face and neck, but the heat just slaps me. I don't worry about sweat getting on the burn - most of the sweat glands were blasted and haven't healed yet. I am looking forward to cooler weather again.
Strangers still notice my face when I head out to the store for food and vitamins, but no one has said much about the white cream on my face or my weird, mismatched ears. If anyone does, I am just going to tell them they should see the other guy! I figure the way I look is a badge of honor, reflecting the fact that I WON.


Anonymous said...

Ideas to amuse and keep you cool:

1. Wear a beekeeper's bonnet and veil. Ask people if they've seen your swarm.

2. Spend most of your grocery store time in the ice cream aisle. Bring a chair and sit with your back to the open door. Offer ice cream suggestions to passers by.

3. When strangers stare, ask if they saw the strange lights last night. Show them drawings of Devil's Tower (a la Close Encounters).

4. Or, ask them if they've been bothered by the solar flares, too.

5. Wear your badge of honor with pride. Smile and hold your head high. Buy a t-shirt with SURVIVOR in capital letters on it. Hum "We are the champions" or the "Theme from Rocky." YOU DID IT!!!! You and your fabulous health care team wiped those cancer cells out!

WOO-HOO! Go, Teri - Go, Teri - Go, Teri!

Hugs, Lisa T.

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks so much, Lisa!! You have to have lots of wine and toasted ravioli for me in St. Louis!! Get everyone in on it, and just blame the extra weight on me!

Anonymous said...

I REALLY like Lisa's suggestions! She sounds like someone I would enjoy meeting. I totally understand about trying foods you don't like to get something solid. I can still remember the first (and last) time I ate oatmeal. I was in the hospital after having my second (and last) child. They told me if I ate everything on my breakfast tray I could go home. I put everything they gave me to put on it on the oatmeal (butter, milk, brown sugar) and still couldn't force it down. Anne is now 35 and I have NEVER even tried to eat oatmeal again! Plus I can still remember that experience like it was yesterday!!! Hope the soft to solid food experiments continue to be successful. I'm SO proud of you for how well you have managed all of this. You're one terrific lady!


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