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Saturday, January 13, 2007

New Year update

Things are going well, with the radiation side effects having little impact on my daily life. I can now touch anywhere on my scalp without pain; I have regained more feeling in the left side of my jaw and neck (they no longer feel like they are 'asleep' and tingly when touched); my left ear has decided that it will behave itself and remain part of the whole ensemble; and my hearing has cleared up -no longer hearing things like I am underwater on that side of my head. There is a bit of tinnitus, but since I live with many electronic devices that buzz, click, and whir, the extra noise in my head doesn't bother me nor is too noticeable except when I am in a quiet area. The remaining big difference is the lack of sense of taste. Smell, sight, and hearing have stepped in to take up the slack. Also, I am crocheting afghans like crazy to keep my mind off of missing food tastes (anyone want a blanket?). Saliva levels come and go like some weird tide - some days I don't notice much of a lack, other days my mouth is like it was in the early days after radiation: a Sahara. All in all, my energy levels are better than before my operation (which says a lot for my ability to work under extreme conditions!), and I look forward to a bustling spring and summer, the first ones in 3 years without pain in my head.


Lynne said...

Teresa -
I am so glad to hear that things are going well as you recover from the radiation and from the effects of the cancer. I was going to respond to you last post about the "Darth Vader" mask for you to wear while driving . . . it sounds so exotic, and what you wrote made me laugh out loud. My 10-year old was in the room and asked why I was laughing, and I explained to her that you had treatment and had to be careful about sun exposure, and might get a mask. So, I said, if she saw someone driving down the road looking a little like Darth Vader, she would know why they might be wearing it! If you get it, or other protection against the sun, I hope they work in exactly the way you need.

My best to you - continued recovery, and hope that those taste buds wake up. Keep those afghans coming!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm SO pleased to hear that lots of things are getting back to "normal". Just know the taste buds will be back soon, too. Knitting sounds like a great way to cope for now! As always, you're in my thoughts and prayers.

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