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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Losing a parotid means changing earrings

If you know someone that has had a parotidectomy, they may need new earrings. Now that my head has pretty much recovered from the onslaught of surgery and cancer treatment, my left ear has moved closer to the side of my head. (I try to follow Stephen Colbert's classy way he handles questions about his ear whenever anyone stares at me or asks what happened.) The good news - pierced holes lasted through radiation treatment. Bad news - I probably won't be able to wear my post earrings again, due to the functional point on them carving canyons into my neck - not much clearance on the back of the left ear. French wires are also out, for the same reason. Good news - my daughter is getting a windfall of some nice jewelry very soon!
I just saw this jewelry artist on Etsy who makes Padlock Earrings that would work:
, and Brighton has sets that have closed wires that are pain-free. An example of a type of closed wire is here:
, and
I don't know the trade term for closed wires, but if you are out looking for a present for a friend to cheer them up, just ask at the jewelry counter at your favorite department store - the salespeople will be able to help you out.
Another item pertaining to pierced ears - I imagine that I can't get additional piercings in the radiated ear, due to slow healing in that general area. I will ask the next time I go for a checkup about the possibility of additional piercings and tattoos - I want to keep my options open.


Anonymous said...

Forget about the earrings. I want to see your new tatoos. I noticed you didn't mention asking your doctor about them. Does that mean you already have them?


Jeanne said...

You caught my attention with this one: I love earrings!

Do you have someone who's handy with a pair of jewelry pliers and could switch your old earrings over to the new wires? Some of the ones with posts might not be convertable. Just a thought.

Just wrote another post on Aranesp and put up the info you found for me. Here's the link:



Anonymous said...

You might want to try jewelry for labret or monroe piercings as the backing is a flat smooth disk that would lay against your ear.

they have some nice high quality ones, and it's easy to find plain but cute surgical steel too.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I found this blog but i'm interested in finding some ACC support accessories. Maybe a bracelet or necklace? I can't find any anywhere and I looked hard for a few months and with my best friends re occurrence, I'm really interested in getting her something this time around. Any help or suggestions? I'll even get one custom made but do you or anyone know where to go for that??

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