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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Biding my time while waiting for more testing

Well, my various doctors weren't thrilled to hear that I have been having dizzy spells since Saturday, so I have had my MRI moved up to tomorrow afternoon (that should make for an interesting coffee break). While I wait for the test and its results, I was urged by a fellow blogger to recount my summer of the baby animals.
When I was 12, we lived in the country, and one summer had baby raccoons, kittens, and puppies, all on the bottle at one time or other. They grew up liking each other so much, we had to train the raccoons to climb trees so they would get out of the way of the neighbor's dogs. (We still laugh about the 2 raccoons hanging upside down on the gutter, watching us eat fried chicken at the dining room table.) They all lived outside, unpenned, free to come and go. By fall, the raccoons were only visiting our back door for their favorite treat - mini marshmallows - once a night. They would climb up on the screen and shake the door - their version of knocking. The time came when only one raccoon showed up, then none. We figured they found their way out in the woods in back of our house, and were laying in for a long winter (they were huge!). The kittens became barn cats (with one more tame than the others - called him Blackberry, since he used his 'thorns'), and the puppies grew into family dogs that ran with us when we rode our horses. My mom has different memories of those days (she fed the critters the most, since she was home), but it was a magical season.


whitneydt said...

Hey, woman, I've got a space pen I can loan you--it will even work upside down, so you can more effectively do your graffitti work in the MRI. Take care tomorrow. You'll be in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I personally think you should wear your "award outfit" with the sparkly stuff to do the MRI. I have no suggestions for the appropriate music (which I can never hear anyway), but I'm sure others will! You will be in my thoughts and prayers--DJ

Lady Justice Moni said...

Just checking in. You are in my family's thoughts and prayers. --your SF Bay Area friend, Monika Tanedo

Teresa Hartman said...

still waiting for definitive test results. Will let you know when I hear anything concrete. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!

Peg said...

Waiting is the worst - I always get stressed out whether it's checkups for breast cancer seven years ago or looking at symptoms like those that preceded heart disease diagnosis. My spouse likes to quote Dr. McCoy "They're barbarians Jim" referring to current medical practices as primitive. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.) See for related item.
We're with you in spirit, praying for good news. Peg & John

scraps said...

Just checking in to see how you are doing. I have some glitter glue you could use to decorate with. Bet you could figure out all kinds of ways to be sparkly.

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