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Friday, October 19, 2007

One more post about the conference

A very good friend nominated me for the Bernice M. Hetzner Award for Excellence in Academic Health Science Librarianship, and I was awarded this distinction this past Saturday night. This was a very special award for me, and not just because I caught you-know-what a year ago and figured all such awards were out of my reach. Ms. Hetzner (not sure if she was a Ph.D.) was librarian at the University of Nebraska Medical Center library (where I work), and was the first librarian to serve on the National Library of Medicine Board. The facts that I was nominated by a wonderful librarian that I once had the good fortune of working with, the award was signed by still another great librarian I once had the good fortune of working with, and that the award is in honor of another wonderful librarian (in whose steps I walk daily), puts this award way over the top for me. I have added the picture of me the night of the award, holding flowers from another very good and dear friend. Wow -how lucky can one woman get!

In the interest of remaining unbiased on this blog, I have refrained from recommending one treatment over another for adenoid cystic carcinoma (that is up to your personal health care professional's & your decision, anyway). However, I now recommend the Hilton Omaha whole-heartedly, without reservation, for any conference or event that you have to plan. I would even go so far as to recommend ALL Hilton properties as the ones you should go to whenever you have a conference or event to conduct. Going with any Hilton property will always be your best decision. Everyone, from the operators to the shuttle drivers to the banquet servers, is empowered to make sure your meeting/event goes without a hitch. Of course, I am not being compensated for this statement, and will now return to my usual attempt at unbiased (and hopefully humorous) tales of cancer treatment and recovery.

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