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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Assertive Cancer Patient blog mentioned in a CNN article

I just saw this article over at CNN:
After Cancer Diagnosis, What Comes Next?

It mentions Jeanne Sather's blog as a source of information - I totally agree!

The only sites that they don't mention in the article, that they should have, are:

Use this site for information on health topics, drug information, encyclopedia articles, and directories for health care professionals and organizations.

Go Local
Go to this site and check to see if your state is listed. You can use this directory to locate health professionals, services, organizations, and support groups that are nearest to you or your loved ones.

Finally, if you have had a recent diagnosis, PLEASE ask a librarian for assistance in searching for information. None of us should be Googling into the middle of the night, looking for our own health information. We need evaluated, top-quality information - and librarians do that. After you are well on your way to healing, THEN you can Google your heart out, and won't be so scared from the tales you read online. When I was first diagnosed, I only used librarians - after radiation treatment finished, THEN I went out on the web to see what I could see, and to figure out how to handle survivorship. You can find a library at this link: .

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