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Monday, May 05, 2008

Update from the Live Like Andi Foundation

[I am honored that Mike O'Connell of the Live Like Andi Foundation has read my blog. Mr. O'Connell left two comments on previous posts, but I wanted to elevate his comments to post level so you wouldn't miss them. -cheeky]

1. Thanks for all of the great blog support. The Live Like Andi Foundation Run/Walk for ACC Research was a huge success! We had 900 participants and raised over $75,000 for ACC reaseach. We donated $25,000 of our proceeds to Marnie Kaufman at the ACC Research Foundation. Marnie attended the event on 4/12 and appeared on the Local NBC News with me. For more [information] Visit or to view photos.

2. Great News. Keep up the positive attitude. ACC patients must realize that they are in this for the long fight. ACC most likely is not gone but undetectable. Get your scans and MRI's moved up to every 3-4 months. Early detection and non-invasive radiation on a minimal basis (zap the little tumors early) are the KEY! Thanks for all of the great support/blogs regarding my wife Andi O'Connell's - Live Like Andi Foundation for ACC. Mike O'Connell

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