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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Any Ninja Librarian sitings on your highway?

I just spent 24 hours in Kansas, turning heads on the way down and back while riding in the Cheekymobile and wearing the Ninja Librarian hat (the sun, it do burn when it shines.) Only gave minor heart attacks to two convenience store cashiers on the 500 mile round trip - the Cheekymobile is cheap on gas, luckily. Both cashiers recovered nicely from the shock of having a hooded figure walk through their doors. Had a great time in Kincaid/Garnett area to celebrate a special lady's 75th birthday, though spent too short a time with her. If I could just develop that teleportation machine...yeah, that's the ticket. Of course, I would want the version which would deliver me at my destination as a size 10.
It is so nice to celebrate life, and family, and friends. I told my friend that I was so happy that she was born - thanks to her being on Earth, I have a larger circle of family in this life, and love every one of them (particularly her daughter, whom I have known since 1976, meaning that we both have enough dirt on each other that we can never run for public office!) If you have a chance to celebrate life this weekend, run - don't walk - and go give and receive hugs and smiles. If you can't go, make them come to you (Follow Queen Elizabeth's example - make them come to you!) I get to do more celebrating life (more of the richness that I soaked up this weekend) when I visit Sedalia and see the moms on Sept 13 (watch for the Ninja Librarian on I-29 and I-70 - can't miss her!) Number one daughter is going to Missouri to take the ACT (for some UNKNOWN reason, Nebraska isn't giving that one, so we go where we need to), and number one son has the weekend off as well, so we will go see grandmas/moms (maybe even some aunts, uncles and a great-grandma). I am sure the weekend will involve lots of smiles and hugs, and memories to carry on for the year ahead.

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