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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anxiety lessened - back to work

Thanks for the messages - they help! I am much less like a deer in the headlights today - no reason to pick up the worry until told differently. I recommend the comments on the previous post, if you find yourself up at night, fretting or stewing. I also realized something yesterday - the other times I had 'something of interest' on scans, I hit the ativan. As I am drug-free (except for the thyroid med), I needed to step up the my coping actions that don't involve pharmaceuticals. I kicked them in today - walking farther than usual today really REALLY helped, as did being the library booth babe this morning for new faculty orientation. Answering other folks information access questions really got me out of my rut, and back to my usual perspective on all this kerfluffle.
Expect some information-rich posts soon.


Dee said...

Good for you, Teri! Learning to tap into those other coping mechanisms will serve you well. Walking a lot helps. And, doing something that takes your mind off - last fall, there was a time when I was so focused on my next steps and I resented having to work. But I'd committed to a meeting that I didn't feel I could back out of, so I went, and during the meeting, I was reminded of the reason why I got into the field I am in - I enjoyed myself, I enjoyed the conversation, and I enjoyed my colleagues. Took me out of my funk and reminded me that there's more to my life than cancer. Glad that that helped!

whidavi said...

Fantastic to see you in the flesh today, Super Woman. I'll be right there with you in spirit on Tuesday, along with a whole heck of a lot of other folks. Take good care.

Kerry said...

Good for you Teri. I know its really hard coping at times. Its hard sometimes waiting and the funk that comes from it. But walking is a powerful thing. I don't know why but it always moves me to a different place.
I am glad the anxiety is less somewhat.
Take care of yourself

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