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Thursday, December 25, 2008

It IS a wonderful life

I have no apologies available for not posting for the many weeks now. Part of me sort of 'checked out' (minor librarian humor there) after the last scan dance, and I was able to just concentrate on living life and doing my job. The cancer just had to take a back seat, along with any journalistic tendencies I might have possessed.
Life went on pretty well - family is doing ok, job is doing ok, personal life is doing ok. I have gone through another radiation oncology check up (now on 6 month rotations for that one), which went well, and another head/neck surgeon check up (now on 4 month rotations) which also went well. Not sure when my next head/neck mri will be scheduled - will ask the next time I see the head/neck surgeon. The pain in my side is still there - but having had it scanned to the nth degree, I basically ignore it with other aches/pains in my nearly 50 year old body.
My goal with this blog is still to post things here of use to others facing adenoid cystic carcinoma (also known as ACC, AdCC and adenocystic carcinoma), or to others facing head/neck cancers. I hope something you read here will be of use to you or a loved one.


Dee said...

No need for apologies, Teri. I'm just a worry wort, so that's why I bugged ya . . . I'm glad that things are okay! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Jeanne said...

Teri--so glad to see you back online.

I know you needed a break, but, selfishly, I'm glad you're back posting again. Lots of info and your unique perspective to share with all of us.

Let's write some new year's resolutions that include more cancer blogger events--having you in Seattle this year was a gift I'm thankful for.


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