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Monday, March 14, 2011

Special day for the Cheeky1

All day long, dear husband was texting me that he "had a secret". Drove me nuts (which made it all the better for his enjoyment, and is, of course, why he kept doing it.) Finally, he showed up at work, surprising me with roses, and telling me that all would be revealed in due time (yeah, he sometimes talks like that.) We went out to the car, drove over to the credit union, and he gave me a note to read: Cheeky has her papers. Whoopee! The Scion's car title came in, meaning we have her all to ourselves after 3 years of payments! Yes, we celebrated. I have only had 2 new cars in my lifetime, and don't remember the first one's pay-off date (we had toddlers, it might have happened during Desert Storm, who knows), but this one is for the books. Considering I have been paying off annual MRI and CT checkup co-pay fees, and another surgery tossed in there, paying this baby off is a big accomplishment.
P.S.: the significance of red roses is because red and gold are Iron Man's colors. And when I get in my car, I feel like I am putting on my Iron Man suit. I promise that I drive responsibly, however, as Driving With The Top Down is playing through the speakers.
P.P.S: note to my adult kids: yes, finding out how to get my radio to spell out Cheeky Librarian each time I turn the car on DOES define me as a geek.


whidavi said...

This post has so much WIN in it, I don't know where to start! WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN! Go, Teri!!!

Dee said...

"Cheeky Librarian" was the first thing I saw in the picture! That's way cool, Ms. Geek, you!

And congrats for paying off your car! That's something to be celebrated for sure!

Jeanne Sather said...

Teri--as someone who has RIDDEN in the Cheeky Mobile--past Warren Buffett's house as well as other points of interest in Omaha--I want to say this is a wonderful car, with a great license plate, and I am SO GLAD it is paid for.


PS: I don't think I've ever bought a car new, but I've felt the pain of car payments--five years on a one-year-old Taurus I bought 20 years ago. And I swear, the minute that car was paid off, pieces started falling off ...

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