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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

Congratulations go out to a fellow ACC warrior Melanie Jaggard and her husband, Charlie, who are expecting twins! Yay! Good news!! From Wales Online:
Young woman with rare form of terminal cancer due to give birth to twins

But I do ask you, dear reader, if you have information to assist with what the reporter, Simon Gaskell of the Western Mail,  and Mrs Jaggard says later in the article:
"But after searching endlessly to find a precedent for their circumstances they drew a blank, leading them to believe Melanie is the first-known ACC sufferer to become pregnant.

“We can’t find any other person with a history to see what may or may not happen,” Melanie said.
“I didn’t want to get pregnant if there was any evidence it would have a negative impact on the twins or a negative impact on my health because there was no point having a family if I couldn’t see them grow up and support them and the rest of it.
“The doctor said: ‘From a human perspective I can’t give you any evidence it might have a negative impact. If you want to have a family and get on with life, go for it’.”

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Update - located another story on the Jaggards here:

Donate to their fundraiser here:

Cheeky Librarian here again - as for my becoming pregnant after ACC diagnosis, the only thing that kept me from doing it was my impending 50th birthday. All my parts are still in working order, no matter what ACC is or isn't doing currently, so in theory (and if the power that moves the world has a huge, really huge, sense of humor), I could have a baby (gulp!). Since I have annual massive medical charges for scans (massive to me-everything is relative, boys) and trying to save for a retirement that may not actually take place, deciding on purpose to bring a baby into the household is not my first choice. But I bet that there are folks that have had babies during or after their initial or subsequent diagnoses. If you know of someone, or are someone, please leave a comment. If anything, to let Mel and Charlie know that their leap forward to grab life by both fists can have a very happy ending.

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