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Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring is all around

Sending good wishes to all readers, and hopes that spring is being good to you. Things here are ok - some ups, some downs. I get up and head to work, happy that I have a great job and work with good people. I check my digital connections and see that I have many wonderful friends. And I was able to be present to watch an historic NCAA game here in Omaha (Norfolk over Missouri - both teams gave it their all).

In addition to having the wonderful game to look forward to (thanks to the generosity of my great mentor!),  I joined the club of new Lytro camera owners! (Last year, the highlight of my spring was winning The Box from - this year, it was waiting for the arrival of a brand new Lytro). You can see my first efforts on my picture gallery site: . The cool thing about the photos (if I have taken them right) - you can click within the picture and refocus the photo on different parts. Try it with the library dinosaurs.

Another cool activity - my library is taking part in a discovery project to see how iPads can be used to add productivity and information resources to health professionals and students. There are a lot of health science librarians taking part - if you are near a medical facility that has a librarian in NE, KS, MO, UT, CO, WY, there just may be a shiny new iPad being worked over. We librarians are a demanding bunch, believe me - substance and results trump style every time.

I have been touching base with some fellow ACC-wearers, either by direct email or through their blogs or Caring Bridge sites. If you know of anyone that wants their story highlighted here, please get them my blog address and ask them to comment. I would love to share their story.

Some other things have gone on that I will post later.

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