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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Happened to see this call for freelancers to find top clinics in Canada that treat Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma

Saw this project call asking for bids from freelancers:

Wondering what sort of flame war I would start if I posted myself to do the project for free? (I figure my qualifications as a medical librarian AND having the cancer should move me to the top of the heap - plus the whole "free" thing.) This is the exactly the type of question you should be able to contact your local medical library with in order to find out the answer.

The librarians would ask you questions like:
-what do you consider qualities of a top clinic? (the person may be interested in number treated, or amount of research published by clinic teams, etc.)
-what would you like included in the list? (contact information, websites, recent and completed clinical trials, etc.)
-are you limiting clinics that reside within Canadian borders, or do you wish to include those clinics outside Canada that are sponsored/connected to Canadian research teams?

I love that the top bid is over $1200 for work completed within 3 days. I need to share that figure with our Head of Reference so we can do some ROI figuring of our own for the searches we complete daily for our health care teams and consumers.

Please let me know if you have ever successfully bid on and were paid for work completed with this site. It may offer us working through cancer another avenue for a bit of cash to cover health care bills. I would want to know someone that had actually received money for work completed before even suggesting it as a source of extra pay, though.

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