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Thursday, June 06, 2013

Sending Happy Birthday wishes for everyone

My Scion Xb, shining in the Kansas sun
When I lived in Germany, we had two birthdays - one for the day we were actually born, and one on our "name day". I figure that anyone that has had a cancer diagnosis has probably either limited number of remaining birthdays, or (more probably) realizes a bit stronger than regular folks the importance of marking birthdays. I have marked anniversaries of the cancer trek, but refuse to call any of those dates a celebration (even the last day of my radiation was not one to celebrate, just to be endured.) So, on this day, one that I know at least 3 people are celebrating as their birth-day, I join Jay Lake's wish of making this his birthday to all of us, and propose that anyone (walking the cancer path or not) should have it as their second birthday. Party it up, everyone! Or just smile in the knowledge that we are casting shadows together for one more glorious day.


AliMoonGoddess said...


Here's to many, many more happily celebrated birthdays!

Birthday wishes messages said...

That's a very nice birthday wishes! Thanks for sharing!

- hazel

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