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Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Farewell to a great ACC wearer and leader of cancer survivors

Alicia Almanza passed away on Christmas. Her funeral was on Tuesday - here is the announcement from the funeral home (I think the acronyms are - CPD for Chicago Police Department, CFD for Chicago Fire Department) . You can read about Alicia's story and learn more about her organization's fund-raising efforts at this site: .

On the Adenoid Cystic Facebook site, the family posted this request: " simple request for anyone who was touched by my sister Alicia.
Please jot down a favorite memory of Alicia or simply how she inspired you in your life. There will be a box at Alicia's services for memories to be added. Next Christmas, our family will open your personalized notes in celebration of Alicia's life. Together we will reminisce about the amazing gal who changed us all in such a beautiful way!

Personal messages can also be mailed to:

Alicia Almanza
C/O Loving Leedy
PO Box 557983
Chgo IL 60655

Please share this message and thank you for all the love and support showered upon our family."

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