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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Crankiness setting in big time

Folks that read this blog knew it was bound to happen (admit it, you did!). Mouth is getting sore (gargling with salt and soda in cool water helps a lot); no one can get near my face or neck due to pain and the cream that is slathered on; and eating is only for health reasons (I can hear the WW leader now - "It's about time!"). No matter how much water I drink or rest that I get, I am not going to be able to counter the radiation effects totally. Still, I have it so good - many friends and family there to support me through calls, email, cards, and visits; excellent health professionals caring for me; a great job waiting for me... so not whining. Just cranky.
We used to walk volksmarches overseas, and there was always a part in the 10K walks that I would wonder, "Will the trail ever end? Can I make it all the way?" (I still say they had skill in plotting trails that were uphill both ways!) Then I would realize that I didn't have a choice, there was only one way out and that was to follow the trail as it led back to the starting place. I guess this is the type of journey I am on now - no choice but to follow the trail back to where I started. I feel confident that I can make it, but it may be rough on those close to me!! My husband has been most understanding during all of this stuff that we find ourselves in, but I heard him joking to a coworker when we stopped by the library yesterday. My friend had commended him on taking such good care of me. He shot back with a grin, "I have to take care of her - she's mean! I used to be 3 inches taller!"
New side effects: drying nose due to increased radiation effects (helped by saline spray); drying ear canal due to radiation effects on wax (no solution as of yet - open to suggestions); and some deep face pain (so far, Motrin is fixing that). Thank goodness they give the weekends off to help the healthy cells gain strength. I will practice being a better housemate with my family this weekend, I promise! (grin!)

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Rosefire Demeteria said...

I don't know if this will be helpful or not, but I am sensitive to dry cold air just in general, and have come up with a number of ways to help. Frankly, I spent years working with docs and their ideas, before I finally found things that helped me.

For dry ears and ear canals (it sure hurts when it cracks inside, doesn't it?), I have actually tried just dropping a couple drops of warm water for relief. This works. I know someone else who heats up olive oil and uses that. That idea makes me a tad nervous. Tap water has limits on how hot it gets.

Generally, I use a huge slow-cooker filled with water and set to low or medium. This puts warm humidity in the air, and I have found it helps for dryness in my ears, sinuses, eyes, etcetera. Saline spray helps briefly, but later makes it worse.

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