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Thursday, August 10, 2006

End of Week One

I thanked the radiation therapists today for making the whole radiation treatment experience one that could fit into my life. I don't mean "heading to Crane Coffee for a latte" type of fitting into my life, but getting to the sessions is no longer the focus of my day. Today I went on the way to taking my son by the high school for his yearbook signing party. Being able to adapt this treatment into my days is a good thing, and one that the health professionals have helped make possible. Thank goodness they are a cheerful bunch, and laugh with me.
Side effects have started cropping up, but not bad. My left cheek has mild sunburn, but I am putting Aquaphor on it after each session to help heal the outer skin. Taste left the building on Tuesday - my tongue only tells hot and cold, a very weird sensation. I should probably be banned from cooking anything for anyone else! I am keeping track of what I eat just to make sure I am taking in enough nutrition. And with the exception of Alton Brown's shows, I no longer get the kick from watching the Food Network - maybe once the tastbuds come back (hopefully around 5 months after the end of my treatment.) Drinking lots of cool water. No great fatigue yet, luckily. We have been walking every evening after the sun goes down - not turning vampire, just trying to keep extra sun off of my face and neck. The malls are also a great place to walk, since Omaha is being treated to a luxury of high temps and extreme humidity (grin!)
I am not sure how I will end up (physically, that is) after this whole episode of my life has passed, but I have been thinking that other things are radiated every day and are full of beauty. One of my favorite artists is Dale Chihuly. The Joslyn Museum has one of his installations that covers an entire wall of glass which the sun shines through daily. Now THAT is some radiation!


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Let's just hope you don't glow like the Chihuly instalation does. You'ld look funny with all those colors running across your face and neck. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cheeky - Speaking of Chihuly, there's an exhibit of his work at the botanical gardens in St. Louis. I hadn't thought about the idea of radiation, but now that you mention it, it was luminous! (The exhibit runs through Oct 31st, '06

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