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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Side effects increasing

After the treatment session today (the 11th!), I stopped in and talked with the nurse about the increased redness on my face and neck. Books describe it as a sunburn, but this goes much deeper than just the skin, folks! She consulted with the doctor, and I have a new prescription for Thermazene, a sulfa drug ointment that will keep the nasties from growing on my damaged dermis. It is a cream that comes in a blue jar. My husband saw it when the pharmacist was going over the application instructions with me, and crowed, "Great! My wife is going to be a Smurf!" The pharmacist grinned and said, "Hate to disappoint you, but the cream is white."


whitneydt said...

Teri, I can't imagine what a sunburn that goes deeper than the skin must feel like. The horror. (With no irony intended.)

On a totally I'm-a-librarian-and-I'm-a-big-nerd note, have you discovered audiobooks for your iPod? I would recommend a really hot romance novel as a way to pass time.

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks, Whitney!! One of my great colleagues set me up with a LARGE denomination iTunes card, and as soon as daughter gets through ordering her birthday iTunes, I am on those books! Some bodice-ripper is bound to be in the mix (grin!).

Unknown said...

Hello there
I've been through this two years ago, although it is tough there is light at the end of the tunnel. You may find it encouraging and useful to read my (short) record of my treatment.

2 years and all well :)

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks, Mark! Your blog is amazing! I appreciate you sharing it. I am so happy that two years has passed and all is well!

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks, Patricia - I have found the local chapter of SPONHC (they call themselves "spunk"). I will add the main group link to my links - thanks for the reminder! Great group of people!!

Anonymous said...

Best of wishes, in your road to recovery.

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