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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Way better than taking off the earpiece!

My engineer husband figured out a better way to keep the earpiece of my glasses off of the burned area around my left ear. I am sharing it here in case it is of help to others, since the eye doctor I visited only suggested taking off the earpiece as a solution. My husband took two squishy earplugs, poked holes in them, and threaded them onto the earpiece of the glasses. I am able to slide them back and forth if I need to, and the texture of the earplugs works fine with my skin (doesn't stick to it). Also, the next time I get cranky, my husband has relief in plain sight!


Anonymous said...

Thank God for creative, innovative, caretaking hubbies!!! Glad to hear you have a good one, too. Curtis is and has always been the best in that department. He is a natural caregiver and takes excellent care of me. He waa a major help with all the heart procedures I've had done. I'm so glad that Rick is there for you, too. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you.

Love, Nancy

Siobhan said...

Will you share the web sites with the recipes? That sounds like a good resource for others in your position. and maybe a friend or two will cook up some of these delectable meals over the long weekend.

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