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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Look out, I just might be playing in the sun soon!

One of my holiday gifts arrived in today's mail, and I can't wait to try it out. My husband had seen a woman driving in what he described as "a Darth Vadar or welder's helmet", and he thought it was something I might be able to use to get around town in the daylight. He searched on the web, and located this product: FaceVisor I ordered a full shield , figuring it was worth a try. The return address on the package today showed Canada, and the shield is made in Korea, so it has been around before reaching me (grin!) The shield goes just to my ear (the glasses do interfere a bit with the shield going flat down over my face), but I have hopes that it will give me some relief while driving in the winter sun. I also hope it will allow me to ride a bike this spring & summer - I have been saving up for one of the Electra Townie's.
I had asked about UV protection at the dermatologist's and the radiation oncologist's offices, but no one had mentioned a shield (they basically said to stay out of the sun). Since using sunblock cream right now is still out of the question (I break out if I use anything other than Cetaphil cream), this shield will hopefully keep me protected.
Another couple of products that I have seen lately are hats - one at Coolibar, and another at Gaiam I may be getting one or both of these as well, since my needs will change over the year to come.

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