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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back at work, and doing fine!

Well, actually I am on vacation at the moment, but will be back after the holidays full-day strong.


whitneydt said...

OMG, Teri, this picture of you almost made me cry. It's so wonderful to see you back in your "natural habitat," although I know you took your librarian-ness with you on your recent "adventure."

Here's to having one of the best back where she belongs!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Whitney that the picture is great and the many of us who love you are delighted to see you looking so "normal"--if I were you I'd add grin!

Enjoy the vacation and keep on keeping on.

ME & D

Anonymous said...

You look great, Teresa! Since I don't know you personally, I didn't see you before your treatment, but you look professional and ready to go back to work indeed - after celebrating the holidays, of course!

My best to you as you return to your professional life.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You look terrific! Thanks for sending the picture so we know you really are getting back to "normal". Know you'll be glad to be back to work full time. Hope the fatigue gets better soon.
Hope the holidays were really great for you and your family.

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