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Friday, December 15, 2006

Silence, in this case, has been golden

I have been working, enjoying my family, walking around the malls (Omaha has had a spate of bright sunshine, keeping me indoors between 8 & 5 each day!), and generally enjoying life as I know it. Symptoms I have grown used to: swelling and pain around my left ear and cheek, fatigue (but everyone else says those business meetings knock them out, too-grin!), and lack of taste. Improvements I have noticed: feeling has returned to most of my face, and I have a little bit of baby hair growing at the back of my head on my former bald spot(!). I am getting up the nerve to get my first professional hair cut since July - my husband said he has hung up his clippers (he practically shaved my head in September when the hair was causing me pain with the radiation areas). I have been strong and brave enough for the dentist to work on the inside, but having someone fiddle around my ear and scalp has kept me away from the hairdresser. I predict that desperation and wanting to look my best before going to the moms for the holidays will win over my fears soon.

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Anonymous said... was great to talk to you yesterday. It took two days to read all your postings. It was a journey. I can't begin to imagine the events you have been through. Glad to hear that you are doing so well.

Since you haven't lost your sense of humor, I want you to know I enjoyed a bag of microwave kettle corn while reading the last few messages.

That of course brought back memories of our trips to Baskin'Robbin for something sweet, followed by a stop at Hardees for something salty.

Is taste returning yet?

It was also great to see pictures of Rick and the kids. My how time flies!

Best Wishes as you continue to heal.


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