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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

And a happy new year it is!

2008 - no matter what it holds in store for me, I am glad it is here. Maybe it is because I am a fan of even numbers? Maybe it is because I am still experiencing the side effects of a titanium implant? (Well, I would hope that those side effects would be mild euphoria and a grateful disposition!)

For any reason, I am pretty glad to be still around to kick up some sort of action before this year is out. Will Oprah and I meet in person? Will Warren Buffett send me a hello? Will I receive a message from the Librarian of Congress? Will I get awareness about adenoid cystic carcinoma mentioned in prime time news? Only time will tell. One thing that has started the year off right - my other blog, where I put library professional links, has been rated in the top 100 library blogs. The current rating is 33 out of 100, I think. It changes just about daily: .

Another new development with this new year - I am able to say something I have never said electronically before : HI MOM! (My mom is now on the Internet, and could just be a reader of this Cheeky blog.) She joins a large number of family and friends that read this blog, along with anyone who is searching for more information on adenoid cystic carcinoma.

The one thing I hope to continue - collecting the best information resources about this rare cancer and coping with any cancers for others to easily locate during their search for answers.

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