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Friday, January 11, 2008

Roger Ebert's review of The Bucket List is spot on

Roger Ebert, a fellow head/neck cancer survivor, tells it like it is in his review of "The Bucket List": . I knew the main characters were supposed to be dying, but hadn't connected that this was supposed to be a cancer movie. (Maybe more was taking out with my skull-bit than I thought!)

A quote from his review: "I've never had chemo, as Edward and Carter must endure, but I have had cancer, and believe me, during convalescence after surgery the last item on your bucket list is climbing a Himalaya. Your list is more likely to be topped by keeping down a full meal, having a triumphant bowel movement, keeping your energy up in the afternoon, letting your loved ones know you love them, and convincing the doc your reports of pain are real and not merely disguising your desire to become a drug addict."

Thanks to Mr. Ebert, I will put that movie ticket money aside for a better show in the future!

1/12/08 -You can read more about Mr. Ebert's review on this movie, and link to other cancer movie reviews at The Assertive Cancer Patient's blog:

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Anonymous said...

It's also interesting to check out Leroy Sievers' comments on the movie and people who left their own opinions. His blog is on your sidebar. I think that particular piece ran on January 15, but I'm not sure. Hugs and kisses to you, TH!


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