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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Did I have trepanation, 2007-style?

Ok, did I have what they used to call 'trepanation' when I had the craniectomy in November? Does it still 'count' if they cover the hole up with titanium mesh? Trepanation is the ancient practice of drilling a hole in the skull. Today's researchers think it was done to relieve pressure or for curing mental illness. More on this in a BoingBoing article, along with a tale of a more recent trepanner . The guy in the story drilled into his own head himself in 1973, seeking a permanent high, "similar to the sensation of lengthy yoga headstands". Guess I completely missed out on that experience - no permanent high here, although at times it does strike me as an extravagant way to cure the awful headaches I was having beforehand.

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