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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I just saw Brule in person!!

Ok, I know you aren't supposed to say you are out and about when talking on the web, but I cannot remain silent. I just saw my most favorite group of performers-singers, dancers, instrumentalists-while here in Branson. (Yes, if you have heard any Cheekymobile sightings in southern Missouri this week, they were true.) Brule (there is an accent over the 'e', but this librarian hasn't figured out how to type it) is a contemporary Native American music group. They are award winners- individually and together. The leader of the band found out later in life that he was Lower Sioux Brule (no accent over the 'e'), and began to meld his two worlds together-his unknown heritage with today's world. Here is their site- They don't have a word for goodbye in the Lakota language-just one that says we will meet again, either here or in the next world. I have met them before, in Sioux Falls, SD, when they played at a librarian conference. They were the music I listened to on my iPod after the skull operation, when I was so happy to have my memories. They were the group that I played the loudest in the Cheekymobile when I lost my voice last summer. They are the group that my mom and I listen to in the car during our road trips, including the one to Gulf Shores and last year to St. Louis. I have never been a 'groupie', or a 'fan' (short for 'fanatic', after all) of musicians, but I was unashamedly that tonight, after listening/experiencing their music and dance at the RFD-TV Theater. My mom and I loved every minute of the night-what a way to celebrate life!
This may be a stretch, but when I received the diagnosis of cancer, I too began to walk in two worlds. Thank you, Brule, for giving me strength and rhythm for my strides as I work to keep up with both of them. Keep on keeping on, Brule. Congratulations on your success, and I wish you years more.

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Dee said...

Teri, I guess I need to check this group out. For you to gush like that must mean they are good good good . . .

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