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Thursday, July 01, 2010

It's been 4 years

Thank you, new or long-term reader, for following my story or the news about this cancer I have posted over the 4 years.

Wow - 4 years ago, I heard the surgeon say, "The tumor was adenoid cystic carcinoma." Not the news anyone wants to hear, and definitely a holiday weekend buster. We told the kids, then all sat down and watched a new movie we had rented: Queen Latifah's Last Holiday (hey, it worked for me, and started some good family discussion at a time we were all shell-shocked). We spent the next few weeks seeing how cancer would fit into our family life, and healing as quickly as possible before the radiation started. Since that time, I have done more healing, and had more news to deal with (2007-another "growth" in my skull that had to get whacked out), and scans scans scans to see if anything else was growing in the Cheeky Librarian physical body.

I hope this blog continues to be a source of information for anyone facing Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma, or their caregivers/friends. I also hope it shows that life does go on - I didn't magically transform into another person through all this. I have retained my cheekiness, believe me. Just because I have survived this crappy disease for 4 years does not make me anyone special - luck, support, and cussedness all play a part (and, according to new research, thinking of oneself as good or evil helps: But if I can use my professional skills of locating and sharing information (the "Librarian" part of my blog title is no lie), then there might be something positive to come out of all this. If you just got the news that you have cancer, my wish is that something in these 377 blog posts is of use to you: humor, information, description of my individual treatment path, or links to others that share our diagnosis and their stories.


whidavi said...

"Just because I have survived this crappy disease for 4 years does not make me anyone special"...Hell, no, Lady! You were special way before any cancer diagnosis. I don't think this post really calls for congratulations, but more a prayer of gratitude that the Cheeky One continues her cussed way. :)

wowmom2 said...

Thanks for your blog. I check in on you frequently. Esp. like the ACC in the news stuff. Since being dx last yr I'm always lookin for more info on this unpredictable rare cancer.

Rebecca said...

I'm with Whitney - you're special 'cause you're you and I very happy for every day & year that I get to keep you in my life!

Teresa Hartman said...

Thanks, you guys - I couldn't be here without you and everyone else that has been so great all these years. Here's to all of us having a wonderful year ahead! (and I hope some in-person visiting will be taking place, too!)

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