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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma in the news

Tim Pearson of Glen Innes, New Zealand has died.
His battle (yes, I will call it a battle) with ACC lasted for 10 years, charted through newspaper stories since 2005. I link to two of them (from 2008 and one from just a year ago) in this blog: I join others in sending condolences to his daughter Theresa, and if it brings her comfort, I want her to know that her father is recognized as a great man by this fellow ACC-wearer living on the other side of our shared Earth.

Here is an editorial about a South Carolina school class that took it upon themselves to solicit donations to defray costs for Kellyson Swinney Poe's neutron radiation treatment in Seattle: 
Congratulations on the class' efforts, which I know went a long way to ease the minds of Ms. Poe and her family, letting them concentrate on her care and healing rather than how costs would be covered. Congratulations for those that came forward with a pizza party to reward their efforts - such actions should be reinforced. And congratulations to the individuals in the class, who chose to think of someone else at a time in their lives when that is generally unusual. Students are still accepting donations, according to their school website:

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