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Saturday, April 02, 2011

In case you are looking for the ACC Artists For A Cure Gallery - here's how to locate it

I just learned of this fundraiser, evidently run through Edith Thompson's (an artist from Virginia) site: . The site is pretty difficult to navigate (in Chrome on a Mac, anyway) - titles just slip right by your mouse, so I wish you luck in gaining access. I had first seen mention that there was a gallery somewhere in the world through a mention on the ACCOI Facebook site, but it didn't have a link to the gallery (perfect challenge to make a librarian go digging). I found a faulty cached version of a press release that mentioned the url of this page out on Google, and managed to tease out the originating site. (Hiding the site that holds the goodies is not the best way to raise money, in this librarian's opinion - please, please link all stories/blog/Facebook posts back to the site you want humans to visit and buy!). In the About Me section, the artist says she specializes in portraits, wildlife, nature and landscape in pen/ink and watercolor. (It doesn't say what her connection is to our rare cancer, though - that is a part of the story that I would like to know, as well as how much a 'portion' is that is donated to ACCRF.) Once you get the titles to stop sliding by your mouse, view the artist's gallery - she is very talented! There are 3 other artists listed on the site as "ACC Artists for a cure members", all from Japan. The links aren't live, but here is one if you want to click on it to check it out: Miki Ito (site is in Japanese). It is great that artists are sharing their work to raise money for ACCRF , and I look forward to learning more about the efforts as soon as the site is working and taking people to where they can see and purchase easily.

A fellow ACC wearer-fighter sent me this bit of news that a singer, Johnny J. Blair,  has given permission to include his song, One Wonderful Smile, in the Gallery. Mr. Blair will be joining the Monkees' tour this summer as bassist (ACC connection here - Peter Tork is a fellow ACC wearer-fighter).
Weird that the ACC Artists For A Cure Gallery is mentioned, but not linked in the story. Mr. Blair is on iTunes, if you want to check out his songs.

ACCRF is a fantastic foundation created by a fellow ACC wearer-fighter and her family. ACCRF has been responsible for supporting research that moves a bit closer to figuring out how this rare cancer works, which benefits current and future patients of this and other cancers. You can bet your socks that if you donate funds directly to this worthy organization, the money goes directly to research.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad to see your interest! I'm sorry it's tough to see the has been a challenge to build an affordable site that can store large music or other files. We think we have done it...we hope to have a site dedicated just to the Gallery (not part of my own site), and it should be able to handle all the files we can receive.

Your comments are much appreciate and very helpful. I hope the new site will be much more accessible for everyone. Best, Edith Thompson

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your review of the ACC Artists for a Cure website and for your very thoughtful comments. The idea for the Gallery came after I embarked on developing my own website, and I've always been self-conscious that the ACC AFC Gallery was just a page there. That site also has several shortcomings, as you point out...we are developing a new site, just for the Gallery, though! The intent is to have a much more accessible and use-friendly site that gives our artists more exposure while we feature their work. The Gallery itself has not raised money. It's just not set up to do that, but the artists are interested in raising awareness about ACC and donating funds to ACCRF through the sale of their work. The proceeds donation mentioned on the current site are from my own sales...and so far, I've given 100% to ACCRF. It is a super organization! People who buy my work can be sure pretty much all of the proceeds will go there, if not all. I have a dear friend who was diagnosed with ACC in March of 2009, and while he is in remission, I've met many ACC patients since...I've become very interested in helping this community to support my friend and other ACC patients and their families. The Gallery is still developing...we have four members now, but we also have other artists who want to contribute. So in the end, we should have quite a diversity of art forms, which will mostly do what art does for people...speak to them of spirit and community. That's the idea, basically. We hope one day to have an event where we can actually raise money as a group, and we are making progress. Again, we do so appreciate your comments and would very much welcome your ideas as we bring the new site on line and work on it further. xo, Edith Thompson

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