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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A great resource for the working woman with cancer

This post is just about some informative sites that I found useful. More about me in the morning!
Cancer and Careers: Living and Working with Cancer:, by the Cosmetic Executive Women Board of Directors, has valuable information for anyone (but aimed at women) working and living with cancer. Supported by corporate sponsorship, the articles, charts and checklists are written for both survivors and caregivers. For employers considering ways to boost support for those facing cancer in the workplace, the site has a Managing through Cancer program that contains links to information on how to manage through cancer. A company can even become a "managing through cancer pioneer".
This site is good for any working person, not just women: Patient Advocate Foundation Located in Virginia, this non-profit offers free direct services such as: negotiating pre-authorization approvals; providing assistance in expediting appeals process; resolving debt crisis related to diagnosis; negotiating access to pharmaceutical agents, chemotherapy, medical devices and surgical procedures; resolving insurance issues in the public and private sector. They also have a patient assistance program called Co-Pay Relief, providing direct financial assistance to qualified patients.
Bookmark this site for good links to useful, timely information - Cancer Survivors Network at the American Cancer Society:


Anonymous said...

Teri - after all this you still have that incredible sense of humor and indestructible curiosity. I learn each time I read your blog. No wonder you're an education librarian!

Let me know when I need to send grits. ;-)

Love ya from Atlanta.

silk214 said...

This has some great links. Thanks again for sharing. I will add these links to my website

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