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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Still learning

I searched all over for non-soy sources of protein before starting my radiation therapy, and ended up choosing Optimum Nutrition's Gold Standard Whey (chocolate flavored, not that I have ever tasted it). I never received a list or anything from the radiation oncology clinic showing suggestions of what to go for when no longer able to eat solid food, but that might have been nice. If you could have soy as a protein source, there are many to choose from: Ensure, Boost, and Carnation VHC, which all have extra calories and vitamins. The Carnation VHC is a new one for me - I just learned about that while reading the Oral Cancer Patient Forums. I have been trying to read other's stories about when their taste returned, but since everyone has had different treatments it is still hard to predict for me. As the family says, though - at least I can still cook! (grin!) I just might try out for the next Food Network star...

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Anonymous said...

Many thanks I’ve just enjoyed 45 min of laughter reading your Blogg. At long last I have an insight into what is to come. I know every treatment is different, but like you very few have had ACC.
Thanks Rolf

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