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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Cheeky Librarian is in the Omaha World-Herald news

The Omaha World-Herald printed a story today by Sandra Wendel on why it is important to access health information, and how to tell what you are looking at is real: Knowledge is Powerful Medicine
The link will only be live for 7 days - after that, the newspaper wants you to buy it to see it. The story is good due to the author's skills with such an important topic and the collaboration of professionals at my library - Roxanne Cox, Tom Gensichen, Rose Fredrick, and Kari Stavneak. I am so glad that the author, Sandra Wendel, asked for our library's assistance.

Sandra Wendel is an author of many articles and books, an editor, and the publisher at Heath eHeadlines:
A link to her books or books that list her work as listed on Amazon:
Nebraska has some great talent, and Ms. Wendel is a prime example!


Peg said...

This is a great story to share as a model - journalists across the country need to hear and share a similar message, locally tailored. Do you mind if we share with others? The page has a link to email to friends, which I did for our local medical journalist.

Jeanne said...

Teri--this is a great article. And I was able to access it today without a problem, so I hope it lives free online for awhile longer ...

I'm going to add this to the resources I use when I talk about cancer and the Web. Because it makes a couple of my points really clearly: look at the SOURCE of the info (is it a credible source?) and look at the DATE (is it timely?).


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