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Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Scion has landed

We have a new car in the garage - a golden car, Borsheims-gold, number 390 out of a limited edition of 2500 in the world. Pretty nifty. We bought it at Performance Toyota of Lincoln (, where Dennis Gormley would be happy to get you set up with your very own Scion! This has been a very happy day - beautiful sunshine, driving with my guys (husband and number one son), eating out for lunch, and to top it off, driving a car that started with only 4 miles on it! Sweet. This is the kind of stuff I went through cancer treatment for, folks, and I am enjoying myself to the max!
With the sunroof, I imagine that the Ninja Librarian will be back this summer, but having the wind blowing around will make wearing the head covering worth it. I think I will go back out to the garage now and check to see if this was all some sort of Willy Wonka dream, and I didn't really get the golden car.
Watch for a golden Scion sighting near you - now that we have good wheels, there is nothing stopping us from jumping out on a road trip.


Elizabeth Hartman said...

I know something that will stop you from jumping out on a road trip, you have to wait for number 1 daughter first. Glad the car is nice though I am waiting to see it in person before I decide whether it#s good enough for you or not.

Anonymous said...

Drive that #1 car to Atlanta to see how it works! Congrats and save travels! I assume there's a seat for the Lucky Dog?

Jeanne said...

Hey--what a GREAT looking car! I don't think I knew it was gold. That is very cool.

So, road trip--how about Seattle? It will probably take you a week, if you pause to look at the scenery at all, and then when you get here. ...


Anonymous said...

I think that you should head to Columbia! ~Rebecca

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