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Friday, February 15, 2008

Online book: Responding to the Challenge of Cancer in Europe

I thought some of the readers of this blog would find this new European cancer information resource interesting:
Responding to the challenge of cancer in Europe
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, 2008
Available online at:
PDF file [361p.] at:

Chapter 1 Responding to the challenge of cancer in Europe
Chapter 2 The burden of cancer in Europe
Chapter 3 The causes of cancer and policies for prevention
Chapter 4 Cancer screening
Chapter 5 Drugs for cancer
Chapter 6 Organizing a comprehensive framework for cancer control
Chapter 7 Changes in the management of cancer: the example of colorectal cancer
Chapter 8 Survival of European cancer patients
Chapter 9 Information on cancer
Chapter 10 Cancer patients - partners for change
Chapter 11 The role of psychosocial oncology in cancer care
Chapter 12 Dying with cancer, living well with advanced
Chapter 13 Closing the gap: cancer in central and eastern Europe
Chapter 14 Cancer control in Slovenia: achievements, shortcomings and opportunities
Chapter 15 Researching cancer
Chapter 16 Making progress against cancer

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